full body skin exam

Full-Body Skin Exam

A full body skin exam, or skin cancer screening, is a visual exam that checks the skin for certain unusual marks, which may be signs of skin cancer. 

We usually pay most attention to these screenings because of birthmarks, moles, and other suspicious spots with an unusual colour, size, shape, or texture.

At Excellence Medical & Skincare Clinic Edmonton, we believe that early detection of skin cancer is essential which is why our consultant now offers a full and thorough skin check. Examination for any suspicious lesions or moles will take place as well as any other medical issues that might require treatment. The mole screening service will give you a good idea about how to check your skin and most importantly will provide you with early detection and peace of mind.

A plan will be made for any treatment including a full range of laser treatments and cosmetic procedures.


  • Complete skin examination using dermoscop
  • Education in early detection, skin health and how best to protect your skin
  • Full report
full body exam in edmonton