The ProFractional™ laser treatment dramatically improves the skin’s appearance, including wrinkles, post-traumatic scars, acne scars, aging, and sun-damaged skin. This technology uses the Erbium laser’s energy to make thousands of microscopic fractional channels into the skin while leaving the surrounding skin intact. The surrounding areas of untreated skin stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This results in a plumping up and smoothing out of wrinkles, lines, scars, and other imperfections, in just one treatment.


Once your recovery is complete, you should see a significant improvement in the treated areas. Wrinkles, scars, and pigment problems should be reduced or even eliminated.

The ProFractional Experience

Before treatment, we will place a topical anesthetic on the skin for added comfort. You should feel minimal discomfort as Dr. Shaikh and her qualified team of nurses delivers a ProFractional treatment to your skin. After the treatment, most patients will feel warm for 30 to 60 minutes or slightly longer with deeper treatment levels.

Post-Treatment Care

Adhere to your provider’s post- care instructions for proper healing and recovery.

  • It is important to keep the skin moisturized with non-fragranced products for the first 3 days.
  • Twenty-four hours later, the skin may feel slightly swollen and/or itchy. This should resolve within 3 to 5 days.
  • Patients can apply makeup after 24 hours but should avoid direct sunexposure and use sunscreen for 4 weeks post-treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discuss your needs and you can choose to have one or two more aggressive treatments or receive multiple treatments that are less aggressive and achieve a similar goal over a longer period of time.
One hour before the treatment, a topical anesthetic may be applied to yourskin to reduce the sensation during the treatment. The treatment involvesprecise removal of small columns of skin at the depth determined by Dr. Shaikh. Pinpoint bleeding may occur and usually subsides in a few minutes to.
A few hours. Erythema, edema and a sunburn sensation will be noticed in the treatment area for a few days after the treatment.
Occasional patterned hyperpigmentation may occur, but it will resolve in a few days. The healing time will differ, depending on the treatment settings used.
Patients often describe a stinging to burning sensation in the treated areas. Total time spent in the office will vary depending on the area treated and patient response.
You will receive post-treatment instructions and guidelines to aid in a healthy recovery time. The healing process varies from patient to patient but will generally take from 5 – 10 days. Within weeks, your treated skin will feel and look smoother, fine wrinkles and pores will be less visible, and sunspots or uneven pigmentation will fade. Results depend on your condition, the number of treatments, and the area treated.
Your results will last for years to come, but you should continue to keep yourskin protected at all times using a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to protect your new, healthy skin.

Before & After