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At Excellence Medical and Skincare Clinic, we use a wide range of facial fillers and injectable treatments to treat wrinkles, smooth out fine lines and bring more volume to targeted areas of the face. Whether it’s improving crow’s feet, marionette lines, forehead wrinkles, or volumizing hollow cheeks; we have many solutions to fit each patient’s individual aesthetic goals and needs.
The fillers replenish the hyaluronic acid that has been absorbed into your body over time, helping you achieve more volume and a youthful appearance. Full and natural results are typically seen instantly with just one treatment and can last up to 18 months.

Facial Fillers Can Be Used To:

  • Help to restore volume and fullness to the eyelids and face
  • Improve cheek volume loss
  • Improve under eye bags and hollowing
  • Improve jowling
  • Improve temple volume loss
  • Improve Face and neck wrinkles
  • Plump thin lips, or enhance lips
  • Improve the wrinkles around the lips (peri-oral wrinkles)
  • Improve the temple hollowing
  • Enhance the chin area
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Soften facial creases and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars
dermal fillers in sherwood park

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