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Physician Prescribed Weight Loss Program

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Find the plan that’s right for you. After your evaluation, Dr. Shaikh will recommend a particular plan for you, and work with you to customize it based on your needs.

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Dr. Shaikh will provide all the tools you will need for success. You’ll meet with Dr. Shaikh weekly for support and to chart your progress.


Now is the time to take control over your health and minimize the risk factors concerning your overall health now and into the future. The largest contributing factor to your health is maintaining a healthy weight and diet. Realize the body you desire and make the commitment of health for you and your family. 

Our commitment to you is to provide a safe, medically approved weight loss program that is individualized to your specific needs and expectations. We believe that even after achieving the initial weight loss, the process is ongoing and maintaining your weight and health is imperative to our success in treating your weight condition. 

The journey to a “New You” starts here and in many cases demand a change in lifestyles and behavioral habits. We continually educate you concerning these lifestyle changes from a nutritional and medical standpoint – allowing you to feel “good” about yourself again “inside and out”.

weight loss program sherwood park

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