Hair Check

What is a HairNumber?

Your HairNumber℠, also known as your Hair Mass Index (HMI), is a single number that precisely and conveniently combines hair density and hair caliber for quick, non-invasive method tracking of hair loss or hair regrowth. Just like stepping on a scale or monitoring your blood pressure, your HairNumber℠ is a sign of your hair’s health.

Why do I need to know my HairNumber℠?

By the time you notice hair loss with the naked eye, 50% of your hair may already be gone. If you are concerned about hair thinning, your HairNumber℠ can help you easily and accurately track your condition and response to treatment.

Does my HairNumber℠ reflect the amount of hair growing (hair density) or the thickness (caliber) of individual hairs?

Actually, both! Small changes in hair caliber or hair density which may not be visible to the naked eye can be identified by monitoring your HairNumber℠.

My HairNumber℠ is decreasing. What can I do?

A decreasing HairNumber℠ may reflect a decrease in the quality or quantity of hair in that area of scalp as a result of many factors: heredity, nutrition/diet, medications, stress, hair styling, illness, etc. A Hair Restoration Physician like Dr. Sharmeen Shaikh can help you determine the cause of your hair loss and prescribe effective treatments.

My HairNumber℠ is increasing. What does that mean?

An increasing HairNumber℠ may indicate an improvement in the quantity (density) or quality (thickness) of hair in a given area of scalp.

My HairNumber℠ is staying the same. What does that mean?

A stable HairNumber℠ may indicate that your hair loss processis slowing down and that you are maintaining a consistent hair growth.

What can I do to increase my HairNumber℠?

There are many ways to improve the thickness, fullness and density of your hair ranging like nutritionals, phototherapy, medications and procedures. A hair restoration physician, like Dr. Sharmeen Shaikh can help you design a results oriented treatment plan to help you reach your hair restoration goals.

How often should I have my HairNumber℠ checked?

Because hair loss/hair regrowth changes can take months, HairNumber℠ measurements are normally performed every 90 days. In some cases, monitoring may be done more or less frequently.

Who can measure my HairNumber℠?

Your HairNumber℠ can be non-invasively measured by a Hair Restoration Physician, like Dr. Sharmeen Shaikh, or specifically trained licensed Cosmetologist.

How is a HairNumber℠ measurement performed?

A tiny area of scalp to be monitored is marked with four tiny, washable dots of ink. The hair within that square is carefully isolated and gathered in a bundle, which isthen measured using a calibrated HairCheck™ device. More than one area may be measured to compare ‘stable’ areas to areas of thinning. Think of it like a tiny, scientifically-measured ponytail!